Thursday, May 9, 2013

Analog Love

It's Throwback Thursday where everyone posts old school pics so I came across this old one of me in college directing my dystopian short ANALOG LOVE at Dartmouth.

Cigar in hand - Godard would be proud.
Shot on 16mm black and white negative on a classic Arriflex.  The film was an homage to my favorites Alphaville by Godard and La Jetee by Chris Marker.  Man, those are awesome films.

How beautiful was Godard's wife and muse Anna Karina?  My god, those eyes...

I even found a girl on campus who looked like Anna Karina and insisted she be in the film!  I still think using non-actors in films, especially short or experimental ones, can be richly rewarding.

You can watch my film ANALOG LOVE here:


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